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I started this in 2008 and maintained it off and on as place to interact with small business folks, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in the “business of business”  with particular attention to managing and leading people.   Some days I think that I have some experience worth sharing and on others, not so much.  Nevertheless, as I am getting older I think that would be a true waste if all the time and energy my mentors put into helping me along just dead ended.  Here it is then, a collection of lessons learned, some good and some bad, some original thoughts and even a restaurant review or two.  ( I really like good food prepared and presented well.)

The pictures used in the banner are all from the Hudson Valley. The current photo is a view of the Black Dirt region in Orange County before the 2011 flood.


  1. Hello Joe

    Every now and then I google my own name just to see if I am being sued by anybody…and there I am being falsely accused of being useful by Joe Hoffmann.

    It’s been a long time since Control Data days but I still remember them as if they were yesterday. Frankly, my fondest memory is when I nearly got into a fist fight with an over indulgent Vince Kennedy at Hal Kircher’s management meeting.

    I imagine that this is not the best forum to let you know what i have been doing nor to hear more about you.

    Suffice to say I am happy you are still among us and have pursued management endeavors successfully. When you have time drop me an email and we can catch up a bit.

    Thanks for the positive comment and I look forward to hearing from you.


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