About Joe Hoffman



I am a member and Treasurer of the Board of Trustees for Museum Village of Old Smith’s Clove in Monroe and South Blooming Grove, NY.   A museum and educational institution founded in July 1950 by a techie business guy before there were techies.

 It is a unique and superb collection of ephemera from the 19th Century Hudson Valley focused not on the life styles of the Rich and Famous, rather on the life, tools and folkways of the everyday folks who made that rich and famous life possible.  Farmer, blacksmith, merchant, teacher, manufacturer and the support crafts are all represented by over 27,000 artifacts in this collection. 

The technology and power collection alone illustrates so clearly the random walk, dead ends included, from human and muscle power to hydrocarbon based prime movers,  all co-existing over a 100 year span.  History in never linear.

My experience:

Founder of Andvari Inc.  A technology start-up in the voice recognition space.

Sales and Operations Management positions at Sun Microsystems in Metro New York , acquired by Oracle in 2009

Director of Operations Eastern US at Alliant.  A pioneer technology company designing and offering vector parallel mini-super computers to F500 companies.

Line and staff management positions at Control Data Corporation.   One of the original 7 Dwarfs.  CDC was founded in 1957 though its roots go far deeper in time and technology.  Although the firm is no longer with us as a company, it spun off various operations and business units in the 80’s that are now major businesses.  EX: Seagate and Citigroup.

For a brief but fascinating history of this great company visit:


Things I am especially  Proud of

Four great kids and five grand kids.

Having had the privilege and honor of studying with Dr. W. Edwards Deming at GWU for a very brief two weeks.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W._Edwards_Deming

Founding Member of Control Data Corporation’s Presidents club.

“The Eternal Optimist Award”  Presented to me jointly by; The Little Engine That Could Society, The National Board for Statistical Art and the Database Never Lies Association. This was actually presented to me by a special team (sort of  a 7 Samurai group) I had the opportunity to lead at CDC. The folks in that team accomplished marvelous and wonderful things in just 15 months.


  1. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for this newsletter — I am going to use your value column (if ok with you) in my marketing class at SUNY Ulster.

    Business Edge conference was great — thanks for the opportunity to participate. See you soon. MK

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