Posted by: Joe Hoffman | May 6, 2010

Getting recognized as an expert in your field


The solid basis for half of the learning curve.  People have to know that you exist.  That is the first part.  The second and more important part, someone has to make positive referrals on your behalf.  It is really all about the bass diffusion curve.  (The market penetration curve)

Be right and be complete.

Getting noticed is easy but you better be right.  Better still, extend the usual knowledge and answers to places your contacts and clients have not been before.  Be very complete, take no half steps.  Make sure that your advice can actually be used by the person or organization on the receiving end of your pearls of wisdom.

Give it away.  No hooks.

Share freely.  The biblical “cast your bread upon the waters” or the recent “Pay it foreword!” are truism embedded in our culture.  The recipient knows their role in the process.  They will spread the word for you.

Be a hero!

Every field of endeavor has a mythology that describes the good and ideal behaviors as well as the bad behaviors,  It also has a pantheon of heroes that embody that mythology.  If you are not sure of what that means for your business simply pay attention to the characters on TV shows , movies, books and plays.  Authors use this all the time to speed up character development since the audience typically already has the outline of the character built in.  Know who the heroes are and what they did because they represent the platonic ideal.  With the myths and heroes in hand go out there and be one.  Recognition will follow.


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