Posted by: Joe Hoffman | May 29, 2009

I’m not a marketing guy!

People that I work with hear this from me a lot because it is true.   I have trouble reducing complex ideas and concepts to memorable sound bytes, my copy writing is weak and I don’t see what graphics people see.  A good example of the latter was a time when I asked my marketing advisor to look at a Power Point deck that I was going to use with an Angel.  He suggested a couple of word tweaks and then a slide came up that had a graphic on it.  John said, “Move that three pixels right.”

He’s the expert so I fumble around freehand dragging it around until he says stop.  I was amazed because I could not tell that it moved but I could see that the slide was a whole lot move effective.  How do they do that?

If you want to “Feed the Marketing Mouth” and you are a small business with limited funds, you will want to do some of the work yourself. But, please don’t try to do it all unless you are one of “them“.  We both know that you will try and that is smart up to the point that you really need professional advice or service.  Learn as much as you can in order to do sound professional work yourself and save the money for the important marketing pieces or for the finish work.   Where can you easily learn some of these techniques?  Time for a shameless plug.

If you are anywhere near the lower Hudson Valley in NY, there is a B2B conference in Fishkill on June 11 that is perfect.  (BTW, it is only an hour out of NYC.)  There are 20 one-hour workshops available, nine on marketing alone.  You can see the full list at Business Edge 2009.

Do you want to improve your copy writing skills, sign up for Jack Appleman’s workshop, having trouble getting the right stuff from your creative pros, spend an hour with Kurt Griffith.

Branding is a misunderstood concept but award winning guru, John Lonczak will show you how even tiny businesses can use and benefit.

You can write a press release and get it run if you spend an hour with Managing Editor of the Hudson Valley Business Journal, Debbie Kwiatoski.

Where else in this area, can you spend a day learning things to improve your business, have two real meals, and spend 12 hours one on one networking?  (It really is twelve hours because so many folks hang around afterwards for Hors d’oeudvre and cocktails.)  The presenters are not there to sell and will provide people in their workshops with at least three immediately actionable things you can do without spending more money.   They are there to impress you with their knowledge and talent though.  This is a steal of a deal at  $99 on line registration.  Use my initials JFH as the Coupon code and save another $10.

“Just because you run your business from the kitchen table doesn’t mean that it has to look like you did it at the kitchen table.”
Mindy Kole, The Marketing Department

Since we all want full disclosure I need to tell you that I am an advisor to the people that have set up and are running Business Edge.  I told you that it was a shameless plug.


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