Posted by: Joe Hoffman | May 29, 2009

Feed the Marketing Mouth First

While visiting one of my clients, I stopped by a neighboring, non-competing business to speak to the owner.  He has been a real ally of my clients’ and is a very talented experienced business person.  Further, he has recruited himself into a mentor/advisor role for these folks.

We were talking about my client’s stop and go approach to marketing and he said, “You have to get them to understand that the business must feed the marketing mouth first.”  I was speechless for a few minutes because this was such a simple statement but it tells the whole story in just a few words.  If you read this blog, you will have realized that I like simple clean concepts and here was one for the record.

Make sure that you have a budget and plan for marketing your business and before you take salary or pay non-essential bills, get that money into your marketing program.  It is a very straight-line, linear equation, no marketing, no sales, no profit, no money for Momma.  In the EAP course, we spend a lot of time working on marketing plans, demographics, target markets and tools to reach out and these things are the background work.  Once the plan is tuned up, execute.  Use those “first in” dollars to do it.

I can guarantee that every successful business out there takes this basic approach.  The other, less than stellar performers will trade off marketing dollars for perceived “safety” money.


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