Posted by: Joe Hoffman | May 29, 2009

Cash Conservation

About a month ago I bought a net book, one of those light weight 10 inch screen mini-laptops.   Specifically, an ASUS EeePC 1000.  I use an old IBM Thinkpad that probably weighs 8 pounds, just to run but not create PowerPoint presentations.  It needs a new battery, has a 533 MHz processor and is 11 years old.  All I wanted was something to save a little weight, run fast enough that a browser would work well and occasionally tweak a presentation on the fly.

Home run!  Under $400, WinXP which is nice and stable for a MS OS, OpenOffice installed which handles the MS office suite tasks beautifully, Firefox browser, WiFi and Bluetooth equipped so I can interact with the LAN at home and transfer things to/from my PDA and phone. It runs about 7 hours on battery and weighs under three pounds.

Is this a great product and an example of great design?  Not really.  But it is exactly what I needed to accomplish the work that I do when not in the home office.  There I have a 24” monitor, 3.3 MHz processor tower with a RAID disk configuration.  This is the workhorse.  And just to make sure that is stays that way, it is running Win2k for stability and UNIX like feel.

What is the point of this tech stuff?  As a businessperson, you need to conserve cash and capital wherever possible without compromising your primary business objectives.  As a start up, you will need file cabinets, desk(s), shelves or kitchen equipment for a restaurant.  Before you go out and spend a lot, think about used stuff.  Always build your value equation around cash conservation and “the need to feed the marketing mouth”.



  1. great piece.

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