Posted by: Joe Hoffman | January 4, 2009

Status Quo is your #1 Competitor

Think about it for a second

What stops you from growing your business?  I’ll wager that most often it is because you have found a formula that works and as we all know, “don’t fix it if it aint broke”.  Day after day we keep doing what we always have been doing and business goes on like it always has.  Economic ups and downs will have their effect so you make a tweak here or there but it is still pretty much the same old thing. The toughest competitor on the block is staring you right in the face.  Meet Mr. Status Quo, aka, same-o same-o.

It can be hard to make yourself change things and it can also be devastating to your business if you create a massive upheaval so change and new approaches need to be carefully assessed and tested.  Try small things and if they work expand it, if not, make a note and move on.

A colleague and I exchanged emails today discussing Twitter and micro blogging in general and she opened my eyes to alternative applications for such as Twitter outside of the social scene.  Suppose that you have a pizzeria (my favorite example), if you have a website, you can add the right link and post your daily specials instantly.  You can start getting people to follow you on Twitter and they will see your specials. even on their cell phone if they want.

Think about it; at 11:00 you send out a Tweet that says11:30 to noon today all pizza 1/2 price.  Tomorrow do something for Calzone etc. You get the idea. Just one simple application of a technology could change your business radically.

Any other ideas out there?

I can think of Banks, Credit Unions, tile setters, Promotional Products people, handyman services, etc as having uses.  If you need some help looking into this contact Criss Ittermann at her site and see one application: Eclectic Tech, Llc

Or contact me at Quade Consulting



  1. Oh, Joe, I’m hearing you loud and clear. “The toughest competitor on the block is staring you right in the face” …when you’re looking in a mirror. AB-SO-LUTELY. I had a tug of war with a client over them charging more for their services. But simple fact of life: the numbers weren’t going to work. The person is now “Yeah yeah, I know….”ing me about it.

    Best yet is taking my own medicine. I came back the same day, got on the phone with my money coach, and we got to talking about MY prices and the web packages that simply weren’t making me any money. Shoemakers’ shoes. Finally listened to him, and raised my website package prices — it had been a long time in the making, a tug-of-war with him for several months. But he was right. What would I do without my money coach? 🙂

    We all need a more accurate mirror than ourselves — when we look into our own mirror it’s distorted. This is where the value of bouncing ideas off of others comes into play — when those people are carefully chosen for their ability to accurately reflect something authentic back to you. You don’t want yes-men, and you don’t want someone with their own agenda. But you do want people who either ground you (or reality check you) if you’re too flighty, or push you to dream and imagine if you’re too complacent. Neither chaos nor stagnation are optimal.

    Thanks again, Joe — glad as always to get you thinking 🙂

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