Posted by: Joe Hoffman | December 29, 2008

New Year – New Opportunities

New Year’s resolutions have never been something that I “did”. For most people it seemed to be a kind of ceremonial process  that was quickly forgotten and life returned to what it was before.  So why go through the process when all the time that little voice in the back of your head is saying that you won’t live up to whatever you chose?  Guilt I guess.  Maybe people have a need to feel guilty about things.  I should feel guilty about not updating this blog in awhile.  Nah! I’ll just get on with it. Several of my associates have posted interesting things in their blogs recently that I think are germane to the start of the New Year.

Ed Callahan had a recent post about the ideal desktop / laptop complement for a consultant.   A worthy read if you are considering using some of that left over holiday gift money to upgrade your business resources, especially now that desktop sytem prices have fallen.    His Post is here :

Personally I agree with Ed that investing in a powerful deskside/desktop (and backup device) is key.  I designed/built, with a little help from a friend, my current desktop PC.  It will be 5 years old in February and will still run rings around  most machines.   I’m a Neanderthal in some ways though, I am running win2K and won’t change and it does have a 3.2 Ghz processor, single core, because Windows can’t make use of dual core anyway (a decade out of step).   My TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for this box is peanuts now.

As for a laptop, I looked at what I do and how I work and have decided that I will go to a “netbook”.  Basically I will use it to drive a projector for presentations, get email or research while traveling and once in awhile make notes.  Its all low capacity stuff so something like the Acer Inspire series, at 2.2 lbs, will do just fine thank you. Depending on what you do and how you interact with a client, your mileage may vary

Another great piece, especially for those of us who are using networking to build our business was just posted by Criss Ittermann.

I particularly like her “Hint 6” be a matchmaker.  Carry other people’s cards with you and when you encounter an opportunity for someone pass on their card.  I will add that you really should offer to make an introduction and follow up with it.  Just giving some one a name is nice but they still have to get through the door but you can hand them right to the potential and do both a favor.Read her post here



  1. Thanks! Yes, I did go on to say “The best way to give a referral is to hand the person the card for the vendor and ASK if you can give the vendor their information. “My brother John is a plumber. Here’s his card. If you give me your card I’ll have him get in touch with you about that leaky sink.”” — but I probably didn’t stress the point enough. MAKE INTRODUCTIONS – physical, virtual, email, phone, postcard — in any or every way. And let the vendor get an opportunity to follow up with the lead, rather than just handing the lead a card. You’re only a matchmaker if a match is made 🙂

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